COLUMBUS, Kan. (AP) -- A judge is expected to decide tonight whether five teenagers accused of plotting a violent rampage at their high school will remain in custody. But no decision on possible charges will be made until next week.

That's according to Attorney Phill Kline, who called a late-afternoon news conference in Topeka to discuss the Riverton High School case. Kline's office is handling the case.

It's not clear where any hearing tonight would be held, and whether it would be open to the public. Kline said it would probably be held around 8 o'clock.

The teens, age 16 through 18, were arrested yesterday in Cherokee County after authorities learned details of an alleged plan to shoot classmates and staff at their southeast Kansas school.

They were held overnight pending an expected court appearance today, but no hearing took place.

Kline says he'll decide early next week what charges, if any, will be filed.