A single mom and her little ones have taken up residence in the courtyard at Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa and this isn't the first year this has happened.

It's a mother duck and seven little ducklings and News on 6 reporter Rick Wells went over to have a look.

The mom is doing her best to be invisible right out in the open. She has 7 little ducklings up under her, keeping them safe and warm.

Angela Seefeldt is the church secretary and she says this is the second or third year in a row a duck, maybe this one, has chosen this spot to start a family.

Al Brown is the business administrator or at least for now, the Church Game Warden, in charge of what to do next. "I've called three vets asking if they knew an individual or agency that would come." He is not having much luck.

In the meantime, the kids from the Little Treasure Club, 3 and almost 3 year olds like to watch. All those prying eyes sent mom under the bushes.

The church would like to find a home for the ducks, but so far they're not having much luck. If you have a place these ducks could make a home; the church would like to hear from you.

Call them at 743-8897.