Everything is set for one of the largest fireworks displays of the year in Green Country. You can get live music, fireworks and fun out at Skiatook Lake.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says the stage is set at Skiatook Lake for a big Independence weekend blast.

Crews are putting together the final touches for the event, which draws 30,000 visitors each year, including Derek Wells of Oologah. "I like it just as much as I like the RiverParks festival. It's just really beautiful with the lake out behind and watching the fireworks explode on the water as well."

Mike Moss of Broken Arrow comes with family and friends each year. "We'll sit in the water, anchor out and it looks like the fireworks are coming right over the top of you. It's pretty neat."

The Independence celebration at Skiatook Lake has been taking place for two decades. This year the water level at Skiatook Lake is dangerously low. It's about six feet below normal.

Park Rangers say that has even prompted phone calls from some people wondering if the big Independence Weekend event would even be held at all. It will still take place, but the swimming beach at Tall Chief Cove remains closed. So park goers who usually watch from the beach will have to find another viewing spot.

Drivers will also have to park cars inside the campground area. And with the lake being so low, boat traffic congestion during the fireworks display is also a concern. Tim Crossman with the US Army Corps of Engineers: "Again with the boats on the water, with the lake level being low. Be careful of stumps, rocks, take it slow, take it easy, nobody is in any rush."

Park Rangers say it little caution can go a long way in making sure the holiday weekend is a memorable and safe one.

The country group Highway 101 takes the stage at 6:30 PM at Skiatook Lake, followed by a concert by John Anderson. Fireworks follow that performance at dark.