The city of Jenks makes a sales pitch for the Tulsa Drillers. There is no official plan, but the Mayor of Jenks met with the team's executive vice president just to talk about the idea of building a stadium and moving the club.

News on 6 reporter Steve Berg says the town has already hit two home runs with the Aquarium and with Riverwalk Crossing, but they keep on swinging. A Drillers Stadium would obviously be another huge tourist attraction. And they obviously want to put it near the aquarium, but that's all they know at this point.

The Drillers say they're not actively looking to move and met with the Jenks mayor just as a courtesy. Meanwhile, the Jenks mayor says they don't have money for a stadium and doesn't know how the town would raise it. He says he's just pitching the idea, but residents in Jenks like it. Jimmy Weatherford with The Wild Honeysuckle: "Of course, from a merchant, we think that would bring additional business and the Drillers put on a lot of good things in Tulsa, from the stadium used for different concerts and events, that just the games. I mean, any addition would be great for the Jenks area."

On a side note, Jenks celebrated its 100th birthday Friday and it looks like the town’s best years are still ahead.