A 2 year-old Tulsa boy died Thursday after DHS officials found him unconscious at a daycare in the 2600 block of East 3rd Street. Officers say the boy was unconscious and didn't have a heartbeat. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with no brain activity, he later died.

Tulsa police arrested the woman who runs the daycare, 42-year-old Vicki Chiles. In a police report, Chiles told detectives the boy would not stay quiet for nap time. She told police she tied his hands together with masking tape, then put tape over his mouth to keep him quiet.

Officers say the daycare has had complaints made against it in the past.

"She's been in contact with DHS,” said Tulsa Police Officer Jason Willingham. “DHS was in the midst of an investigation on how she was running her daycare, and that's why they had come out here, to do a surprise inspection."

Chiles faces one charge of abuse of a minor child from a previous incident, and also faces a charge of injury to a minor child.