A national magazine lists two local schools among the best in the nation. Newsweek magazine just released its list of top U.S. schools. One Tulsa school is becoming a mainstay on the list. The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports another is making huge gains.

Some Edison 9th-graders are studying the anatomy of the frog, but they're also part of the anatomy of Edison High School's success. The school has worked hard to grow its advanced placement, or AP program, to challenge students to perform on a college level.

"It's actually kind of easy. But if I wouldn't have taken it, I would have been in a class that was too easy," said Edison freshman Taylor Blue.

Edison is making it look easy to succeed, snagging a spot on Newsweek's list of top 500 schools in the nation.

"This is just a crowning achievement on this school and what we've done in a short period of time," said Edison principal Steve Mayfield.

Newsweek ranks more than 1,200 public schools, based on how many AP classes offered versus how many students graduate. Six Oklahoma schools made the cut.

Graduation is a little sweeter for Booker T. Washington. Once again, the Hornets top Newsweek's list, ranked 75th in the nation. The Tulsa magnet school has been on the list since it started in 2003.

Edison is a relative newcomer to the rankings, and it jumped more than 250 spots in just one year.

"You never, never want to say, that ‘I'm satisfied. This is it.' It's continual, year after year. And even though we improved 250 spots this year, I expect to do better next year," said Mayfield.

While the accolades are nice, the proof of Edison's success really lies in the students.

"This is probably the best school I ever could have gone to. I love this school," said Edison freshman Chelsea Carrington.

And that's better than being on any list.

Six Oklahoma schools are featured on Newsweek's website, including Booker T. Washington, Edison and Jenks.

Some criticize the Newsweek list for only looking at AP classes, but the magazine quotes studies that say the best predictor of college success is not high school grades or test scores, but challenging high school course work. And that's what AP classes offer.

to see a complete list of schools that made the cut.