Police officers were justified when they

shot two teen-agers to death after they attempted to run over a

Jenks police officer, according to Tulsa County's district


Dusty Ray Cagle, 18, of Sand Springs and Andrew James Ridgeway,

17, of Liberty were in a stolen truck when they led a Jenks patrol

car on a high-speed chase Aug. 14.

The chase ended when Jenks Officer Tim McDaniel and Glenpool

Officer Tracy Powell left their vehicle after a head-on collision

with the truck. The truck accelerated toward McDaniel when he

crossed in front of it.

Both officers fired at the truck, killing Ridgeway and Cagle.

The teens were unarmed.

A report released Wednesday says McDaniel fired his service

weapon 16 times, the first shot being fired while he was directly

in front of the truck. It was McDaniel's bullet that killed

Ridgeway, the passenger.

Powell, who had been riding with the Jenks officer, fired seven

times at the scene, killing Cagle. He had fired four other times

during the chase in attempts to disable the vehicle, the report


Cagle had gunshot wounds to the head and to each thigh, the

state medical examiner ruled. "The thigh injuries probably

resulted from the same projectile," the district attorney's report


Ridgeway was shot once in the head and once in the right upper


District Attorney Tim Harris will now send his findings to the