Lots of people know San Dimas, California is where Bill and Ted in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" went to high school. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports Oklahoma now has a San Dimas connection, it’s the Oklahoma Centennial guitar.

"Guitar players need to be able to find good us stuff," said Lloyd Prins of San Dimas Guitars.

Tulsan Lloyd Prins builds custom guitars. He started his San Dimas Guitar Company in California, now more and more of the operation is moving to Tulsa. And all his guitars are custom made with American made parts.

"We don't do big numbers, we'll do maybe 30 guitars this year," said Prins.

They’ll also make Oklahoma's Centennial guitar. Music has been so important in Oklahoma that Prins felt there should be a commemorative guitar, and it’s already been played and signed once.

"That’s Brad Henderson, he's the lead guitar player for the group Trick Pony. He was the first player to play this guitar," Prins said.

The plan is to have other musicians who pass through the state play the Centennial guitar and sign it, then Prins will present it to the Centennial Commission when the party's over.

Prins has a growing number of players playing San Dimas guitars, Sergio Vallin of the Latin rock band Mana plays his guitars.

"That's Sergio's guitar, he wanted mahogany you can see the mahogany wood," said Prins.

And that's what he does, he builds guitars one at a time, however the player wants it.

San Dimas will produce a limited number of Centennial guitars and basses. They will sell for $1,907. You can get more information on San Dimas Guitars at their website,


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