This is a popular time of year for thieves to lay in wait while you park your car. Then they break your car window and make off with your purse. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports there are three places purses are most likely to be stolen.

Leslie Neal runs on a trail in South Tulsa nearly every afternoon. She parked there last Thursday and left her purse inside, just like always.

"I hid it underneath my work-out bag so I didn't think you could see it. I always hide it. I don't want to leave it out there because I'm always afraid this will happen," said Neal.

When she got back, her window was broken and purse gone. Ten minutes after she'd parked, the thief had used her credit card.

"They went straight and got gas," said Neal.

You go to any parking lot near a walking, biking trail right now and you'll see broken glass on the ground.

Police say the best way to catch the thieves, is with surveillance video of them using the stolen cards.

One woman bought gift cards with a credit card stolen from a parking lot at the YMCA at 101st and Yale.

Many women think putting their purse in the trunk is a good way to protect themselves, but only if it's done right.

If you do want to put your purse in the trunk, do it at home, before you ever get to the park and that way, no one will ever know it's there.

The three hot spots for purse thefts right now are Hunter Park on 91st between Sheridan and Yale, the parking lot at 31st and Riverside and LaFortune Park at 51st and Yale.

Parking lots at work-out places are also bad and travelers should beware in motel parking lots. No matter where it happens, it's a hassle.

"Everything, I had my glasses in there, stuff not worthwhile to anyone else, just personal things. You just feel violated, you really do because it's yours and you work hard for it and it's just gone," said Neal.

Police also recommend you disable the trunk release button inside your car, so if a thief does break your window in order to open the trunk they still can't get to your purse or other valuables.