By Jeffrey Smith, News On 6

TULSA, OK - Tulsa fire investigators say a 16-year-old boy intentionally set the Bowen Baptist Church on fire five days ago. Now the church is in need of a new home.

Members of the church say they'll never again have services inside their North Tulsa sanctuary.

"Nothing surprises me today. As I say, we have drive-by shootings every day, robberies every day, so no, it doesn't surprise me for someone just to deliberately start a fire," said Jimmy Jones, Bowen Baptist Pastor.

The arson caused $100,000 in damage -- an amount the church can't afford.

The building is almost 70-years-old and Bowen Baptist will never hold services there again.

They're temporarily using the basement of another church, a few miles away.

"Come together, worship, just continue to come together as a church family, stay together," said Richard Dick, Bowen Baptist Church member.

Fire officials arrested the teenager on Saturday night.

The church was vandalized the week before the arson, but worshippers say they never felt unsafe.

"This church is everything to me. I love it," said Terry Dick, Bowen Baptist Church member.

Pastor Jones admits he doesn't know where the church will go next or how many of the two dozen Native-American families will follow.

Terry Dick has been coming to Bowen Baptist for 49 years. She says the church will get through this.

"It's just a building, and a building can be replaced," said Terry Dick.

Terry says there's no anger for the boy.

"It's a sadness because there's a young man that we missed," said Terry. "So there's a sadness there, but if he were to show up tomorrow, we'd welcome him with open arms."

Pastor Jones says a new structure can be built next to the old church in North Tulsa or he says they can start looking into buying a new building somewhere else.

Fire investigators say they don't know what motivated the boy to start the fire.