By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

BROKEN ARROW, OK -- Viewers of The News On 6 are asking why anyone would start road work in front of Rhema Bible Church the week before they turn on their Christmas lights.

Broken Arrow wanted the road repaved but didn't intend for it to conflict with Rhema's plans.

Construction equipment moved onto Kenosha early Monday and started tearing up the street. The job is a milling and overlay project, but it could potentially cause a big problem - when Rhema's lights go on and thousands of cars go down that street.

Tom Hendrix with the City of Broken Arrow says since it's a stimulus project, the timing was somewhat out of their control.

"Our performance on this project will affect the money for the other projects also," said Tom Hendrix, City of Broken Arrow.

The city requested the money for the job, which was then put out for bids by the state with money from federal taxes.

The repaving project is costing $299,000 for one half mile of Kenosha. The money comes from the stimulus plan and taxpayers. Work started Monday the 16th and should take about a week to finish.

Even though the road is all torn up now, the contractor is working on the goal of having it all done by next week. They want to have the stretch in front of the church done before the lights go on.

The city says the project was planned around the lights, but it came down to a tighter than usual deadline to spend the money and get the project done.

“They're concentrating on this one to get the work done, so they'll be out of the way of the traffic visiting Rhema for the lights. Whether or not they can accomplish it remains to be seen, it depends a lot on the weather,” said Hendrix.

Broken Arrow believes if the weather is good, the job could be done as early as Monday.

News On 6 Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer will be there for next Wednesday's light's on ceremony.