Chris Howell

TULSA---Few people driving past the boarded-up church on the corner of Third and Trenton near downtown Tulsa probably know it was once treasured by studio musicians.

‘This is where people came to perform, to record and I want that to come back to Tulsa,' said new owner Jakob Miller, ‘in the sixty's Leon Russell bought it, turned it into Shelter Records. Everybody from Clapton to Dylan to Tom Petty when he was 19, Mudcrutch and JJ.Cale, Willis Alan Ramsey, all these guys floated through here and it became a rock-and-roll Mecca.'

Jakob Miller and his father Randy Miller purchased the Church Studio after it had been abandoned for years and now plan a revival of the studio and music venue. Many of the enhancements to the property done by Leon Russell, the lighting-grid, acoustical foam ceiling and sound booths still exist and Jacob says the church adds its own natural acoustics making it an ideal place for recording.

Recent concerts have proven to the new owners that they are onto a sound proposition, and the are happy to again hear music ringing through to once silent church.

‘This building that has been dormant for thirty years is coming back to life, said Jacob, ‘I think it's going to bring acts from all over the nation, but I really want to focus on Oklahoma and Tulsa acts first.'