OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma Corporation Commission will vote Friday morning on how to settle a problem with the 918 area code.

The plan is in anticipation of the exhaustion of available phone numbers predicted for the near future.

"The Commission has two choices: to overlay or to split," said Matt Skinner, public information officer for the OCC.

In an overlay, all existing numbers would keep the old 918 area code. Eventually, all new numbers would get a new area code.

In a split, the existing 918 area code's geographic area would be split into two. One part would keep the 918 area code, the other part would get a new one.

Skinner said the Corporation Commission may or may not make a final decision Friday.

"All I can say for sure is that the commission is scheduled to vote on the matter. Now it's up to the commissioners to decide whether or not to make a decision at this point. It is entirely possible for them to table this proposed order and then take things under advisement and then decide later," said Matt Skinner.

Skinner said it's up the feds to decide what the new area code will be, but we should know within the next couple months.

Members of the Corporation Commission will be voting at the commission's offices in Oklahoma City at 9:30 a.m.

Those offices are in the Jim Thorpe Building at 2101 North Lincoln.