TULSA, OK -- A west Tulsa road proves deadly for the second time in the last month after two motorcyclists were involved in a wreck near 61st and Elwood Tuesday night.

Tulsa Police say motorcyclist Jay Shannon Barnhart, 41, was killed. Barnhart and fellow motorcyclist Christopher Stan Barrett, 42, were headed west on 61st street just before 10 p.m. Tuesday when Barnhart lost control of his motorcycle and struck a large rock.

Officers say the motorcycle came back across the road, striking the other driver.

Both motorcyclists were tossed from their bikes. Barnhart died at the scene. Barrett driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

This is the same site where another motorcyclist died November 23rd. In that incident, 51-year-old Warren Gammon was also killed after hitting a large rock and losing control.

"It's a remote area - not lit at all, just a two lane road - and we do have a lot of cycle collisions here," said Corporal Mike Fitzgerald of the Tulsa Police Department.

Police say it appears neither victim in Thursday night's accident was wearing a helmet.