By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- More has been discovered about the financial problems facing Arrow Trucking. The Tulsa company suspended operations this week leaving more than 1,400 people without a job and hundreds of drivers scattered across the country.

Arrow Trucking surprised employees and the Tulsa community Christmas week when it shut down saying it didn't have any money to pay the bills.

A look at court records shows Arrow has mounting financial and legal problems. 

The News On 6 found several lawsuits against the company, including a racial discrimination suit alleging an instructor constantly used the "N" word while training an African-American employee. Court records also show Arrow has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in court fees and lawsuit payouts.

Those payouts included $45,000 to a company after Arrow damaged its goods during transport, $141,000 to Michelin North America, and another $130,000 to a California company - all of those, just in the last year.

The situation has been getting attention all across the nation.     

It was the main topic on a national midnight talk show called The Healing Touch based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The show took dozens of calls from worried listeners, praying for Arrow's employees.

"It seems like especially difficult that it would happen a couple of days before Christmas, and so we want to pray for those drivers and employees who are affected by this," said Mark Davis, radio host.