By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

MINCO, Oklahoma -- A snow plow driver found a 39-year-old man dead inside his vehicle buried under six feet of snow in a pile-up on Highway 152.

Andrew Grover of Minco was found dead in his car Saturday.

Andy's wife, Lori, said she's been married to her best friend since they were 18-years-old and she now says you should never take your loved ones for granted.

"It's like a nightmare that we just can't wake up from and we want to wake up. This is not supposed to happen, not on Christmas," Lori Grover said.

While many were opening presents on Christmas day, Lori Grover and her kids were looking for Andy Grover after the snowstorm hit. They called hospitals, shelters and family friends. They prayed, hoped and searched but still no word until later that night.

"Deep in our hearts we knew, because it's been too long with no contact," Lori said.

Family members believe the 39-year-old may have been stuck in the snow or he may have been tired from working a 13-hour shift and pulled over to the side of the road to rest. They were told the car was later found with him inside buried under six feet of snow.

"I sat down and I just cried. I want him back, things like this aren't supposed to happen, not like this," Lori said.

Andy Grover will be remembered as a compassionate man, a father figure to many who were without, a best friend and a soul mate.

"We were supposed to grow old together and enjoy 10 years down, have fat happy grandbabies. The kids were supposed to see him and I grow old together as a couple as they have their own lives and families," Lori said.

The Grovers say it's going to be a long road ahead and it will take a long time to heal but they believe he's watching over them on this silent night.

"He got the ultimate most perfect Christmas present in the world, he got to spend Christmas with our Lord in Heaven," Andy's wife said.

The Grovers said they're overwhelmed with an outpour of support from the Minco community with food, prayers and even a minivan for the family.

Andy Grover Sr.'s funeral arrangements are pending and his body will be buried in his hometown in Maine.

The official cause of death has not been released.