By Emory Bryan and the

TULSA, OK -- The snowstorm has ended with a blizzard of calls for tow trucks and local companies say they can't keep up with the demand.

Some people have been waiting for a couple of days to get a tow truck out and while the towing companies are catching up another round of snow is likely to mean more delays.

Bob Harrison tried to get home Sunday night and he almost made it.

He started sliding down his own street and rather than slide down the hill he took the ditch.

He decided to dig it out after trying to get a tow truck.

"I waited forever to even get them to answer the phone so I figured it would be the middle of the night before they got here and I said just take care of it in the morning," Harrison said.

The News On 6 asked, "And you still haven't heard from them?"

"No, I think the tow trucks will be a while and you better use your own ingenuity," Harrison said.

His story was common for people with cars stuck in the snow. Tow trucks are so busy.

Rodney Shahan, of Quaked Up Towing said, "It went from it's going to be a four hour wait, to it's going to be a couple of days wait."

This SUV was stuck in the snow and the owner damaged the transmission trying to get it out.

Shahan thinks he is going to be busy all week towing cars off the side of the road.

"We'll still be busy for two or three days, just getting the ones that have snowed thrown over them," Shahan said.

More snow is coming.

Back in South Tulsa, Harrison and two helpers have shoveled the snow from around a Mercedes and while risking hitting a tree, were positive they could pull it out and they did.

Hundreds of cars have been towed out of the traffic lanes in Tulsa and from the highways around town.

With your tag number, the law enforcement agency responsible for the road can help you find your car.