By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Many former Arrow Trucking drivers are starting 2010 with a new job.  The News On 6 caught up with Paul Hoiland a few days before Christmas. A former Arrow Trucking driver, Hoiland, had no home, no car and no job. 

But now, Hoiland has a new job, working as a driver for LinkAmerica. On Monday morning, he'll head out to deliver his first load.

"It's turning into a better New Year than it was Christmas, that's for sure," said Paul Hoiland, former Arrow Trucking driver.

He's trying to put the Arrow Trucking collapse behind him, but then he found out that the company's web site is back online as of Sunday morning.

According to the web site, Arrow Trucking is offering a new pay scale where company drivers earn up to 42-cents per mile and L/P or O/O up to $1.55 per mile.

Several former drivers say that scale is significantly higher than the industry standard.

"I've got one opinion about that. If they really want their old drivers to finish delivering their loads, they better be thinking of paying their drivers. Cause I'll tell you one thing, I know for sure, every trucker in America would say we don't work for free," Paul Hoiland said.

Hoiland says it's insulting to see Arrow Trucking's web site back online while hundreds of drivers are still waiting to get paid.

"Personally, right now I wouldn't trust them, even if I didn't have a job. I would have to seriously think twice about going over there with what happened," said Paul Hoiland.

The News On 6 called both phone numbers for the company. Both numbers connect to a message recorded before Christmas, telling drivers to abandon their loads.

The web site doesn't indicate if Arrow Trucking is looking for drivers for new loads, or to complete the routes abandoned at truck stops across the country. 

Hoiland says as the litigation with Arrow Trucking moves forward, he's just happy to be back behind the wheel.