TULSA, OK -- Three Oklahoma soldiers get a hero's welcome as they returned home on Thursday afternoon.  Two of the soldiers, Specialists Eli Bullard and Matt Shinault, came in on the same plane.

The two have been traveling the past seven days to get home.

They met in Kuwait but did not know they were both coming to Tulsa until they boarded their last flight in Dallas.

Both men plan to make the most of their "R" and "R".

"It's a great feeling to be coming home, have a little bit of freedom for these 15 days, then after that I'm kinda anxious to get back and finish it up," SPC Bullard said.

"It's been a little bit rough being apart from the family, but I'm home now, for a little bit. I get to see my wife," Shinault Said.

Another soldier returned today and one of the first things he did after he landed was propose to his girlfriend!