By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- For a couple of days we've been hearing how dangerous this cold weather can be, and of course that's true.  KXOJ radio morning host Craig West grew up in the north and was bragging on his show about how much fun the cold can be.

News On 6 reporter Rick Wells decided to call his bluff.

Craig West along with Heather Miles hosts the KXOJ morning show.

The other day he was bragging about how much fun you can have in the cold.

Let's go find out.

While we waited at the elevator he told me there are things like bananas and bubble soap and balloons. That are pretty ordinary at room temperature but can be fun in the cold.

"We're testing the theory that in sub zero temperatures you can make something called a banana hammer," West said.

He left a banana in the snow over night and it froze.

"That is a rock, I think we're gonna be able to do this," West said.

So, I brought in a board and a couple of nails.

"It broke the hammer. Ah, look it worked; it's in there," West said.

If left in the cold the inflated balloon will appear to deflate as the volume of air inside shrinks.

Blowing bubbles can be fun too.

"Oh, my goodness, my fingers are about to fall off. yeah, it's just too windy," West said.

Ah, The idea is to hold a single bubble on the wand the cold temps will crystallize it.

"He has a bubble stuck to his eyebrow, look, look, it's crystallizing. Oh, my goodness your eyebrow caught the bubble dude." West said.

With that we'd had enough fun and headed for the inside. We must be crazy.