By Jeffrey Smith &

TULSA, OK -- Officers say they had no choice, the man refused to cooperate and was demanding to speak to one of the station's on-air personalities.

We don't know why 58-year-old Barry Styles brought a gun to KBEZ, and walked up and down the hallways demanding to speak to morning show DJ Carly Rush.

What we do know, is that police say it is a small miracle no one else was injured, or killed.

There were only about a half-dozen KBEZ workers hanging around the 7th floor studio.

Most workers were out to lunch. Jeremy Crouch heard the elevator doors open, and heard a man loudly say he needed to see Carly Rush, The morning DJ. The man was waving a gun.

"We were panicked, yeah. But I think mainly we were worried about each other, worried about getting you know, where is everybody, is everybody down," Crouch said.

Police say the suspect, 58-year-old Barry Styles, kept waving around his gun, and began pacing the main hallway.

The receptionist quickly snuck into a side office. Jeremy Crouch and his co-workers began walking out a back door to the elevators.

"I'm a little bit shifty, because the elevators are right by the entrance to the office. He was literally eight feet away, and we had to sneak in the elevators." Crouch said.

Other KBEZ workers were parking their cars in the lot on their way back to work, when they saw a swarm of cop cars.

Debbie Bradberry, KBEZ Saleswoman, "Of course your first thought is oh my god are my coworkers alright. What's going on? What happened? You hear about this stuff all the time, but you don't live it.

Several officers gathered in the front lobby to learn the layout of KBEZ's office.

When they arrived, officers say Styles refused to put down his gun, Officer Jeff Henderson fired three rounds hittig him in the leg.

Police say it could have been a lot worse.

Officer Jason Willingham, Tulsa Police, "Had he tried a little harder, had he decided at some point he was definitely going to use violence against somebody, and actually pull the trigger and hurt somebody, he could have done that."

Styles was rushed to the hospital and all KBEZ workers, although their shaken up, are safe.

Styles was in court just last week in Wagoner county due to a May 2009 charge for possession of a sawed-off shotgun.