TULSA, OK -- 58-year-old Barry Styles is in serious condition after being shot in the hip.

Witnesses say he was pointing a loaded revolver at KBEZ employees.

At K-HITS studio, there is blood where the suspect was shot, just outside the door. In fact, you can still see the bullet hole in the wall.

"I first see him out in the hall, sweating, with a gun, pointing it at people"

K-HITS disc jockey Josh Shinault, better known as DJ Oreo, was behind the Mic Wednesday afternoon, when he saw an armed gunman pacing the hallway.

A half dozen employees hid in their offices.

"He was demanding to hear from Carly Rush. He wanted her to talk, to talk to her immediately," said Scott Medeiros, Promotions Director.

Carly Rush is the KBEZ morning show DJ, whose studio is right next door.

She was gone for the day.

So, DJ Oreo, and his general manager, calmly tried to talk Styles into not killing anyone while waiting for police to show up.

"If, If John was talking to him, and John made a step forward, he'd point the gun straight at John. And if I took a step forward, he pointed it straight at me. So he really had a good aim on somebody," Shinault said.

DJ Oreo did what he could and Styles never pulled the trigger.

The other employees made it to the elevator and when police arrived, they fired three shots, hitting Styles in the hip.

"It's Todd Tucker, and we're all glad to be here today. As you know, a gunman entered our studios at around one o clock today."

The show must go on but other D-J's say the bullet holes, even the blood, are somber reminders that it could have been a lot worse.

We know that the suspect has a criminal record. He was arrested last year in Wagoner County, for possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

The latest we have is that Styles is in serious condition.