By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- KBEZ released surveillance videotape from Wednesday's police showdown with a gunman.

Police say the station's general manager was a big help in making sure nobody got killed.

Jon Phillips' employees tell me, he's a hero for placing himself between the gunman and them, trying to keep the man calm and giving hand signals to police about the shooter's location.

This is Barry Styles getting off the elevator and going into the lobby doors of KBEZ.

He asks for DJ Carly Rush and when he's told she's not there, he steps into the hallway just long enough to pull out a gun, then goes back inside.

The receptionist heads down the hall.

She encounters an employee's boyfriend and warns him about the man with a gun right on her heels.

Styles goes into a studio where two DJ's are working, then back out where he waves the gun around.

That is when general manager Jon Phillips realizes there's trouble.

"Then I heard cussing, got up from my desk and I see a gentleman 30 feet, he's yelling obscenities and flailing his arms and I get to about right here and he's nervous and says get back, get back, get back," Phillips said.

You can see Jon in the surveillance video in the white dress shirt talking to Styles.

Jon stays just feet from Styles the entire time, determined to protect employees and keep Styles talking.

"I'm telling the guy, put your gun in the pocket, un-cock the hammer and he's like, no, no, no."

Police arrive and come off the elevator, guns drawn, some low, others aiming high, some looking to the left and the rest, to the right, not knowing where the gunman was.

Jon gave police hand signals while still talking to Styles.

"I made eye contact with one and was trying to tell him, there's one shooter, he's right here and I tried to say, he's 15 feet," Phillips said.

Officers pulled Jon out of the way, told Styles to drop the gun and shot him when he dove into a studio.

He was hit in the hip. Damage from the bullet is still visible on the wall.

Jon, who played football for OU in the 80's says he did nothing special and is proud of how calm all his employees were and that none of them was hurt.

Styles was upset because he said he wrote some music for some big name stars but never got paid royalties.

The News On 6 learned Styles was escorted out of some other Tulsa radio station studios a couple of months ago for getting belligerent.