TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa city councilor has a warning for the city's FOP -- unless they do something concerning budget cuts, "a lot of young people are going to get laid off." 

City Councilor Jim Mautino, speaking during a meeting of the city council Tuesday morning, suggested the union members change leadership, if the current FOP leaders won't bring an offer to the city to avoid layoffs. 

On Monday, Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett told the media he has made an offer to the FOP that includes a 5.2% salary reduction and change in shift hours from four 10 hour days, to five 8 hour days. 

The FOP has called the mayor's offer "demands." 

During Tuesday's meeting, the mayor's Chief of Staff Terry Simonson angrily defended the ongoing talks with the FOP saying the mayor could have simply laid off all the employees instead of holding out the option of salary cuts.

Simonson says the main disagreement with the FOP is that they want to deal only with this fiscal year and the mayor wants to plan for the next fiscal year as well.

Friday, the city issued layoff notices to 155 officers. 

The FOP said Monday evening, they are willing to take this latest proposal to its membership for a vote. 

Concerning the proposal for the Tulsa firefighters union to save 147 jobs, the union's executive board approved the final language of the plan on Tuesday. Now it's up to union members to study the deal and vote on it. That will happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We should know the outcome late Sunday afternoon or evening. That's within the timeframe outlined by the city.