TULSA, OK -- The Zeledyne Glass plant in east Tulsa has informed 210 employees Wednesday that it will be shutting down one of its production lines by the end of March. 

A company spokesperson, Della DiPietro told The News On 6, glass manufacturing has taken a significant hit due to the lack of construction and they expect the production needs to continue to decline.  

The production line impacted is the one devoted to architectural glass.  The line will be idled by March 28. 

The layoffs will not impact the portion of the plant dedicated to automotive glass production; however, some of those workers may be displaced by architectural glass employees with greater seniority. 

DePietro says about 320 workers will remain at the plant after the layoffs.

Statement from Robert Price, Zeledyne chairman:  "The continuing difficulties in the economy have led to a significant decrease in our commercial glass business and we have decided to exit this business.   I want to acknowledge the hard work of our employees and the UAW leadership, and the support of our communities and customers as we move through this process."

DiPietro says Zeledyne regrets Wednesday's announcement saying the company has worked aggressively to bring in new commercial business, but there is not enough new business in the market to replace what they have lost.