By Rick Wells, The News On 6

SAPULPA, OK -- A bowling ball is a bowling ball, right? Well, what if you were looking for a ball with a little personality, something really distinctive? 

Bowling has been one of America's favorite recreations for decades. Millions of people go bowling, but you don't have to roll one of those plain "house" bowling balls.

You can get a distinctive one. They come in all kinds of colors and designs and some have a fragrance.

And then there are the more unusual bowling balls.

Chuck Petty of Sapulpa owns a bowling ball with a skull inside it. He says he bought it about eight years ago. It has never rolled down a lane.

"When I seen it I said, ‘why would I want to put holes in it for bowling,'" said Chuck Petty.

So Petty has kept it just like the day he bought it. It's a centerpiece on his coffee table. In the right circumstance, it could be a night light. Petty has also used it to decorate for Halloween.

Rick Wells: "Did you name it ever?"

Chuck Petty: "Wilson."

Petty doesn't bowl anymore and he thought another bowler might want it more than he does.

Rick Wells: "That's not a real skull, is it?"

Chuck Petty: "No, sir."

That would be just too creepy.

As it is, when that thing comes rolling at you, it's pretty scary and it might improve your average… the pins might fall over out of fright.