By Dan Bewley and Scott Thompson, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A former Tulsan is fighting for his life in a U.S. Army hospital.  Corporal Legrand Strickland survived a roadside bomb in Pakistan that killed three soldiers.

Now his family and friends are praying for recovery on the home front.

Corporal Legrand Strickland touched many lives during his six years in Tulsa. While here, he decided to re-enlist in the Army.

On Wednesday evening, his family is hopeful he'll recover from a devastating attack.

Legrand Strickland is the victim of a horrific explosion that killed three U.S. soldiers. The bomb went off in northwest Pakistan a week ago Tuesday outside a school for girls.

Former Tulsa resident Corporal Legrand Strickland survived the attack. Both of his legs are now amputated above the knee; he has several broken ribs and a number of fractures to his spine.

"If this was going to happen to anybody, if anybody was going to be able to fight through it, it would be him," said Toby Surratt, a friend of the injured serviceman.

Toby and Shannon Surratt are close friends with Corporal Strickland and his family. They've set a Facebook page to track his progress and helped us get in touch with his wife from the hospital in Texas.

"Right now I'm hurting because he's hurting, and I don't like seeing him like this; I don't like seeing him like - I love him no matter what, legs, no legs," said Carrie Strickland, Legrand's wife. "Just seeing him helpless now. He can't breathe on his own, he can't do anything."

Corporal Strickland lived in Tulsa for six years and has two sons. After his service in the Army expired, he volunteered in the National Guard and then re-enlisted back to active duty in the Army.

"He's a strong man of faith. He's an excellent father; he's an excellent husband," said Shannon Surratt, Legrand's friend.

Legrand Strickland's wife says he loved to serve his country, and his friends say he was proud to spread his faith in the Middle East.

A week after he nearly lost his life, his family has only one request.

"The most important thing for Carrie has always been that people pray for him, and I believe their families are feeling the same way," said Shannon Surratt. "If you ask them what they need, the only thing they ask for is prayer."