SAND SPRINGS, OK -- Tulsa County Rural Water District #1 is held an all day voter meeting Monday for the purpose of deciding if members of the district should turn the water district over to the city of Sand Springs. 

John Moore, chairman of the district, says they are a small water distribution district with 503 customers. 

The water district is located south of the Arkansas River, west of 129th West Avenue, north of South 41st and west to about 184th West Avenue. 

Water district membership is voting to dissolve the district. 

Moore said in a letter to members, after talking with the city of Sand Springs, the water district would be seeing increased operating costs in the near future and the water district's board felt the best option would be for Rural Water District #1 to be assumed by the city of Sand Springs. 

The results are in. Of 503 possible voters:

  • 196 Voted Yes
  • 9 Voted No

The voter meeting is being continued. Officials will now go door to door to speak with those who did not vote.

The next regular monthly meeting will be held March 9th. A decision should be reached by then.