By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

ROGERS COUNTY -- More than a dozen people are replacing broken car windows after Rogers County Sheriff's deputies say three men went on a drinking spree, then threw bricks into vehicles all over Collinsville and Owasso.

One vandalism victim is a single mother who just got her minivan out of the shop after a wreck and another victim is an OHP trooper.

Three cars at one house were damaged by bricks. A Trans Am had the side window and the back window bashed. On a truck, the brick went through the back window and slammed into the windshield. Another car had the back window smashed. It belongs to Sara Lambeth.

"It was pretty bad. I was definitely in tears," said Sarah Lambeth, a vandalism victim.

Sara works two jobs and pays for her own car and now, she and all the other victims have to replace their windows, which isn't cheap.

"It is so stupid. If you're going to do something, it shouldn't be bricks. I mean eggs, maybe. I can clean that off, but don't mess my car up, please," said Sarah Lambeth.

The victims found the damage at about 6:00 Sunday morning.

Witnesses say three men were in a blue El Camino with loud exhaust. Witnesses say right after they hit the trooper's SUV, Deputy Quint Tucker saw them blow through a stop sign. He arrested the driver, Logan Seeling, for DUI and 10 counts of malicious mischief. 

The deputy also arrested Ryan Colvin for public drunk and the 10 counts, along with Chance Cummisky for concealing stolen property. 

The deputy found bricks in the car, along with mailboxes they had also stolen. Some still had mail inside.

"We've got over $11,000 damage in vandalized property, not to mention the stolen items they tore up," said Sheriff Scott Walton, Rogers County.

Sara most likely speaks for all the victims when she says she was delighted to hear the men got caught.

"When I heard they got caught, I was happy and I just didn't care, I was glad," said Sarah Lambeth.

Several of the victims The News On 6 spoke with almost didn't file a report since the damage was relatively minor, so deputies believe there are even more victims out there. If so, they should call the Sheriff's office. If you have information about any crime in Rogers County, call the tip line at 341-3620.