STILLWATER, OK -- Formal charges were filed in Payne County District Court Tuesday morning against Sean Sutton. 

Sutton did not appear during the arraignment Tuesday afternoon. Court officials say he is in a drug treatment rehab facility in Tulsa.

The four charges include obtaining a controlled dangerous substance-Oxycodone by fraud, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance-Oxycodone without a prescription, attempting possession of controlled dangerous substances-Adderall and Clonzapan, and use of a communication facility to faciliate a felony which is distribution of controlled dangerous substance. 

Sutton pleaded not guilty. His next court date is April 5.

"This is a dark day for our community and for Oklahoma State University and for the Sutton family. They are obviously a well known family and it's just tough on the whole community, but nobody's above the law," said Rob Hudson, Payne County District Attorney.

Sutton was arrested Thursday night when he arrived to pick up a shipment of prescription painkillers under another person's name. 

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents say the package contained about 40 pills, including an anti-anxiety drug, Adderall, and an unidentified substance.

According to a court affidavit, Sutton told authorities he got the drugs from people he met at an in-patient rehabilitation clinic. 

Sutton was released Friday morning from the Payne County jail on a $10,000 bond. 

The Payne County District Attorney says Sutton will be required to go to inpatient treatment as part of the bond. 

Sutton took over coaching duties for the Cowboys in 2006, after his father Eddie was ticketed for DUI following a car accident in Stillwater. Sean Sutton resigned under pressure in 2008.