By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Tulsa firefighters rescued a dog from a house fire in east Tulsa Tuesday morning.

Tulsa firefighters were called to the home east of 27th and Garnett to a report of smoke coming from the home.

Firefighters say a toaster was left on in the kitchen, but that they were able to quickly put out the fire.

The fire damaged the kitchen area and one dog and four cats died from the smoke.

Dee Hines had just left for work.

"Like I said, all this stuff is not even important to me. It's my animals I feel so bad about," said homeowner Dee Hines.

On the bedroom floor, two firefighters found Hines' other dog, Jasper, barely breathing.

"Just by looking at it, I could tell that the dog was in pretty serious shape," said Tom Sunny, a Tulsa firefighter.

Firefighters carried the dog outside and hooked up an IV and oxygen mask. The Tulsa Fire Department's pet oxygen masks come in three different sizes. The special equipment was donated to the Tulsa Fire Department by the Bekah's Helping Paw Fund in Tulsa.

Before Bekah's Helping Paw Fund provided the Tulsa Fire Department with pet rescue oxygen masks, firefighters were forced to use human-sized oxygen masks and adjust them down with tape to fit any pet victims.

"You may lose a lot of property and valuables and stuff in a fire, but when you can come home and see Fido wag his tail because we were able to help ‘em out, that's a good feeling," said Jon Morton, a Tulsa firefighter.

Hines is devastated, but grateful that some very special equipment helped save a very special life. Jasper is expected to make a full recovery. 

Jasper was reunited with his owner Tuesday night. He was lethargic all day, but Jasper immediately perked up when Hines arrived. 

His tail couldn't stop wagging and his breathless excitement reinforced the trauma he had gone through.