MUSKOGEE, OK -- A Tulsa man and Muskogee man were both sentenced in federal court in Muskogee Wednesday to 30 years in prison each.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Muskogee says an investigation determined 36-year-old Ronald Irving had solicited 23-year-old Deandre 'Monster' Washington in early March 2009 to kill a Muskogee Police officer.

Irving was in the Muskogee County jail on a drug distribution charge at the time.

U.S. Attorney Sheldon Sperling says Deandre Washington agreed to travel to Muskogee from Tulsa to kill a Muskogee Police officer in charge of the department's narcotics squad.

Washington was picked up by OHP troopers and FBI agents on his way to Muskogee.

"Public safety is our most important prosecutorial objective. We are fortunate that city, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to keep us safe. The safety of law enforcement officers, in turn, requires daily vigilance – theirs and ours. Investigation and prosecution of a case like this is one way we can express our appreciation to police officers for their sacrificial service," said Sperling. "This case was chilling. The would-be killer neared Muskogee, wearing surgical gloves, when he was safely taken down without significant incident."

Sperling says the pair had conspired to prevent the officer's testimony in federal court proceedings against Ronald Irving.

The alleged price for the intended killing was at the officer's home in Muskogee and was for $50,000.