By Craig Day, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- You've seen the "How Am I Driving?" signs on the back of big trucks, with a phone number you can call. Could it work for teenagers? A Tulsa business owner thinks so.

With little experience, one Tulsa businessman worries teenage drivers get distracted or drive too fast. That worried Hank Haines with his own daughter.

Haines developed Teletag.

"It gives other drivers the ability to make a difference," said Hank Haines, Teletag founder.

Parents sign up, and get a "How Am I Driving?" sticker for their teen's car.

"It doesn't take too long if somebody is texting, or driving fast, or not paying attention, they're going to get in a wreck," said Haines.

Other drivers can call a toll free number to report teens. Then parents get an e-mail or text.

"This is a way to provide parents to be in that driver's seat, when they're not in the driver's seat," said Haines.

Parents like April Robertson's mom.

"If they were driving dangerously, or carelessly, I think it would be a deterrent if they know that somebody could call their parents," said parent Karen Robertson.

Driving instructor Jerry Walters says Teletag could mean accountability.

"We want you to drive safe, and if you are not driving safe, someone might notice it and call," said Jerry Walters, a driving instructor.

"It's probably a good idea because we don't drive that well I guess, but I can see a lot of teenagers being annoyed by it," said April Robertson, who is a student driver.

While teens may not want a 1-800 number on their bumper, it could mean peace of mind for parents and it might save a life.

For more information, visit Teletag's website.