By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Hundreds of people waited in line Saturday for the chance to work at the new Tulsa Drillers stadium, ONEOK Field.

The organization is looking to hire 200 people to work part-time during team home games. The Drillers are hiring for everything from servers, bartenders and cooks, to cashiers, ushers and ticket takers.

"I've applied at like 10 different places in the past six months and I haven't received any phone calls or nothing," said Alicia Ulrey, who is a job seeker.

Ulrey said she's desperate for work.

"We're hiring on the spot," said Peter McAdams, Tulsa Drillers' Director of Operations.

Manager Peter McAdams said more than 800 people filled out applications, but for every four people who sat down, only one would be hired.

"I think because of the economy and some of the jobs being furloughed or not having a raise, like I said before, that's certainly a good opportunity for people," said McAdams.

They'll work about 20 hours a week during home stands. Drew Cochran, 21, has been looking for a job for the last six months and said he would love to work at the stadium. So would his dad. They both applied for usher jobs.

"It could help us pay off some expenses, home expenses, stuff like that," said Larry Cochran, who is a job seeker.

Alicia Ulrey got a job working concessions at the new stadium. She said the extra income means everything for her two-year-old daughter.

"I could take care of my kid, you know, and I could do stuff on my own, instead of having to rely on my mom and my dad," said Ulrey.

Orientation for the jobs begin the third week in March.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the job fair Saturday but you're interested in applying, visit the Tulsa Drillers website.