By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK --  The JAG grant, federal grant money that was planned for police special projects, was approved by the Tulsa City Council to be redirected in regular salaries to put 35 formerly laid off Tulsa police officers back to work.

City councilors approved that $3 million change Thursday night. They officers will go back on the city payroll on Monday.

Several councilors are donating part of their salary back to the city of Tulsa, but not all of are were so generous. Three of the six will keep their current pay.

Councilor Bill Christiansen is donating 6% of his salary, while Councilors Westcott, Mautino, Bynum, Barnes and Trail gave up 5.1%. Councilors John Eagleton, Roscoe Turner and Jack Henderson did not donate a portion of their salary.

Since their pay is part of the charter, councilors will had to vote on donating it back.

The Tulsa City Council also voted Thursday to increase the per-trip cost of the para transit "Lift" Program, while also approving a resolution to restore previous service cuts. 

The cost per trip will increase to $3, from the previous $2.50. 

The hours of service will be restored to what they were before cutback made February 1st.  The Council decided to maintain the hours, and try to find the $27,000 costs elsewhere in the budget.