By Rick Wells, The News On 6

CLAREMORE, OK -- Rogers State University in Claremore has a resident swan swimming on its campus pond, but the swan has no name. Most students know him as grumpy and ill tempered, but a name-the-swan contest is in full swing.

"He's just part of the history here," said Dr. Mary Mackie, PhD., a faculty member at RSU.

Dr. Mary Mackie says she loves the old swan, but what he's known for mostly is his run ins with students and staff members.

"I rescued a student from him yesterday," she said.

The student wouldn't leave the building because the swan was outside the door.

"So I walked backwards, saying to him ‘come on, baby. come on baby,'" Mackie said. He was waddling -following me, and I was waving to her so she's come out and go around. She was very grateful that I rescued her."

As luck would have it, we came to RSU to meet the cranky campus character and he never left the comfort of the pond. So we had gathered some folks, and they all had stories.

"I said hello duck, and he tried to bite me," said Christine Conner.

Didn't like the duck reference.

Nicole Nascenzi's had trouble getting to her office. He flaps his wings and squawks.

"For a little feathered friend he can be intimidating," Nascenzi said.

She told me he's been here 10 years. He's got tenure but no name.

The student newspaper, The Hillpost, is holding a contest to name that swan. The top five names are Bernie, Bob, Sarge, Swan Jovi and Walter.

And the winner so far?

"So far it's Swan Jovi, but I'm pulling for Sarge," said student Zack Stoycoff.

The name Sarge refers to RSU's history as Oklahoma Military Academy, and it's appropriate because the resident swan struts around like a bad tempered drill sergeant.

In any case, the poor swan needs a name.

"I think he's gorgeous," Professor Mary Mackie said.

Maybe having a real name- even one like Swan Jovi - will give him a gorgeous disposition.