TULSA, OK -- Eric Clapton and Roger Daltrey packed the BOK Center Tuesday night and when they leave town, they're going to leave with a little piece of Tulsa. 

Two local artists were chosen to present the artists with a gift. For Clapton, that means a custom guitar slide. It's fitted with gold and diamonds and it's even inscribed with his nickname, Slowhand.

"I think that they've done a good job by choosing two great Tulsa artists to create really amazing pieces that are really going to impact that artist when they visit the city, and it's going to be something they remember," said Nathan McPherson, Spexton's Jewelry owner.

It's not the first time BOK performers have received gifts like this.

Spexton's Jewelry has designed pieces for most the center's acts, including Billy Joel, Elton John, Brittany Spears and Jamie Fox.