By Dan Bewley, The News On 6 and

TULSA, OK -- Tulsa Police found a three ring binder on how to manufacture meth during a meth lab bust at an east Tulsa motel late Wednesday night. 

Police officers received a tip about 10 p.m. of a meth lab at a room at the Econo-Lodge at 11th and Skelly Drive.

They arrived to find an operating meth lab inside one of the motel's room. In the room, Tulsa Police arrested 28-year-old Patrick Doyle. 

Officers also found detailed binder, with pictures, on how to manufacture meth in Doyle's room.

"That's pretty organized, we don't see that a whole lot," said Officer Jason Willingham, Tulsa Police. "Most of what we see is scribbled on a napkin, scribbled on a piece of paper - the recipes or something like that. To see something that intricate - pretty unusual."

Tulsa police say the cookbook is more evidence that finding recipes for meth isn't that difficult. It's sometimes as simple as a point and click on the Internet.

And despite a drop of meth labs two years ago the numbers are on the rise. The Department of Justice reports there were 89 meth labs across the entire state in 2007, but last year the number of labs in Tulsa jumped to 315 and so far this year police have found 37 labs in city limits.

Doyle was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints of manufacture and possession of a controlled substance and possession of a weapon.