TULSA, OK -- A two-alarm fire heavily damaged a south Tulsa apartment complex early Friday morning. 

Firefighters say the fire created a very dangerous situation for the Tulsa Fire Department and the residents living at the London Square Apartments at 59th and Lewis. 

Many people can't go back home, but are thankful to be alive.

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The fire started at about 1:30 a.m. in an upstairs apartment and then spread to other parts of the building.

According to Tulsa Police, Officer Shawn McGeough and Officer Gregory Mitchell were first on the scene and saw that one apartment was engulfed in flames. They immediately began evacuating the building and had to force open several doors and windows to get the residents out.  

Other officers arrived and immediately began helping in the evacuation and at one point an officer carried a baby to safety. 

Two residents were taken to a hospital. There is no word on their conditions. 

One man rushed over after his mother called to say her apartment was on fire. 

"I got out of my truck, took off running, make sure my mom and them was safe, through a crowd, trying to find my mom, find out she's okay, so I'm pretty happy she's okay, a lot of people lost their stuff tonight, feel kinda bad for them," said Allen Doyle. 

The fire burned out one whole building.

"I saw all that smoke going around real quick and I said, ‘oh no, I've got to get out of here,'" said Shirley Coleman, a fire victim.

Coleman lives in the building next door to the one that burned.

"You just couldn't believe it, it happened, it happens so fast," said Coleman.

The spectacular fire was a danger not only to the 20 or so people who lived in that building, but to the people in nearby buildings as well. Their apartments have heavy smoke damage.

What's left of the building attracted attention from the neighbors.

Some of the people who lived there are staying with friends, and some are being helped by the Red Cross. The Tulsa Red Cross has helped more than 60 people affected by the fire. Assistance has included help with emergency lodging, food, clothing, storage containers and other items as needed.

"All I remember is that the apartments were burning, on fire," said Joshua Coleman, a fire victim.

Shirley Coleman lost some of her possessions, but she and her children were not hurt.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.