By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa teacher is on her way to Haiti to spend her spring break helping children in need. She's been planning her trip since the earthquake, but wasn't sure if she could afford to go. 

Her students stepped up to make the trip possible.

Tara Huberty teaches first grade at Disney Elementary School at 11702 East 25th Street. Some of her students are going on vacation, and most are just excited about sleeping in late during spring break. Huberty has her own plans. This year she's spending spring break visiting several orphanages in the earthquake ravaged country.

"I'm looking forward to helping the children. I'm not worried or concerned, I know this will be a great trip," said Huberty.

After the earthquake, Huberty felt a calling to help the devastated country.

"I just knew that I wanted to help, and I felt that this is what God would want me to do, to love on these children. So it was a natural choice for me," said Huberty.

Disney Elementary students raised more than $400 from a six week fundraiser -- Hot Cheetos for Haiti. 

And that's just the start.

"We've had over $2,000 in donations that have come in through parents, through teachers, and through bake sales and hot Cheetos," said Huberty.

She's taking four suitcases, filed with deodorant, baby food, and arts and crafts supplies. Huberty plans on visiting four orphanages on her trip. Students also made posters to show the kids they're not forgotten.

"It's been so exciting and overwhelming knowing that people are so supportive and want to do what they can to help, knowing that Haiti does need help," said Huberty.

Huberty hopes she can make her students proud.

Huberty has also done volunteer work in Mexico, the Philippines and Bulgaria. 

This is Huberty's last year at Disney. In December, she's moving to the Philippines permanently to teach literacy to young children.