WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Oklahoma's lone Democrat in the U.S. House says he's staying strong in his promise to vote no on the health care reform plan. Representative Dan Boren says his offices are getting a lot of calls from Oklahomans concerned about the plan.

"People are saying there are problems with health care, but we need to do this incrementally," Boren Said. "We need to go after the pre-existing conditions issue. We need to look at selling insurance across state lines, but having a big massive bill that's going to cost trillions of dollars in the middle of a recession is not the right recipe right now."

Boren also asked about the proposed strategy where U.S. Representatives could get the bill through at first, without a vote.

"People don't like that, and we need to have transparency and frankly have an up or down vote," Boren said. "I'm going to be voting no but give everyone the opportunity to vote on the underlying legislation."

Dan Boren says so far he hasn't gotten any direct pressure from the White House, because he feels he's made his position clear. But he says as the vote gets closer, he wouldn't be surprised if he gets a call.