TULSA, OK -- Ryan Coretz, a 14-year-old Tulsa teen, saw a need for affordable housing in his home town and decided to act upon it. Ryan asked friends and family to donate money to Tulsa Habitat for Humanity in lieu of giving him presents for his Bar Mitzvah.

Ryan's wish will help TeJaJuana Goff and her children, a Habitat Partner Family in the Tulsa community.

When Ryan was 12 and began anticipating his Bar Mitzvah, he decided to ask people to donate gifts to Tulsa Habitat for Humanity so a family could get a house built. Almost $9,000 was given, honoring Ryan.

The teen knew this was not enough to get a house built, so he went to other sources to ask for more.

Ryan received funds from the Bezalel Foundation, the Hille Foundation, the William K. Warren Foundation and others. At the same time Coretz was working to raise money, Goff was working towards completing the Homeowners Education Program.

"It is exciting to see young people such as Ryan who are making a difference in our community," said Paul Kent, Tulsa Habitat Executive Director. "Ryan leveraged his relationships for the benefit of someone else—a pretty amazing and self-less thing for a 14-year old!"

"Ryan's House" is also being used as a fundraiser event for Youth United, a Tulsa Habitat organization for youth and young adults up to the age of 25. The group's mission is to build homes with Habitat. Young people 16 to 25-years-old who want to help build the "Ryan House" can participate by raising at least $100 for the Youth United 2010 House scheduled for this September.

To participate, log on to and sign up as a Habitat Builder. Raising $100 gives Builders the opportunity to build for one half day and raising $200 gives them a full day to build.