By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

ROGERS COUNTY -- A panty burglar is targeting victims in Rogers County. The burglaries are happening north of an area on state Highway 20, near Collinsville and Owasso.

The burglar is stealing small items that can be carried, like laptops and iPods, but in every case, also takes bras and panties from the victims.

Another disturbing aspect of this crime is that the victims could be inviting the crime, without even realizing it. The Rogers County Sheriff's Office reports in each case, someone has been on Facebook or MySpace talking about when they're going to be gone and not at home.

Rachael says she and her boyfriend decided to go to the Tulsa Boat Show a few weeks ago with some neighbors. Like so many things she talks about online, she posted their plans on her MySpace page.

"I said, ‘hey, we're going to the boat show,' something like that, generic, straight to the point," said Rachael.

When they got home, she noticed someone had been in their entire house, bypassing their televisions, but taking their two laptops from the living room, some cologne and about 30 bras and panties from her bedroom drawer.

"Yes, I was really mad. I didn't know what to think," said Rachael.

Rachael's was the first of more burglaries to come, all with the same M.O. Each house was hit in the evening after 3 p.m., only one house showed signs of forced entry. In the other cases, the burglars found an unlocked door or used a doggie door.

"We're talking about crime in a virtually crime free neighborhood," said Sheriff Scott Walton, Rogers County.

In each case, someone in the house had been online, talking about when they were going to be gone and when they were coming back. That information is not just seen by friends and family.

"Things of this nature are paid attention to by evildoers," said Sheriff Walton.

Investigators believe the burglars are not hocking the items they steal, like in most cases, but are shopping for things they want, and they have specific tastes.

"I have designer shoes and clothes, but bras and panties were the only things missing," said Rachael.

According to the sheriff's office, the suspect vehicle is an older, midsized two-door with a guy and a girl inside. People in the area north of Highway 20, near Collinsville and Owasso, need to be on the lookout and call in any suspicious vehicles and keep their doors locked and their alarms on. 

Anyone with information should call the Rogers County Tip Line at (918) 341-3620.