JENNINGS, OK -- An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Creek County after a property owner made a disgusting discovery in her rental house.

It happened near Jennings in rural Creek County, and the story and photos are disturbing.

"It's destroyed," said property owner Penny Ramsey. "You're going to be horrified."

When Penny Ramsey discovered the shape her rental house was in her heart sank and her stomach turned.

The house is wrecked. Trash and animal waste are everywhere.

"I'm so mad that I'm numb," Ramsey said.

Ramsey tried for a year to inspect the house but says each time she arrived, after giving the required notice, threatening dogs kept her out and her renters were gone. A Creek County incident report shows the renter told deputies she hadn't lived there in nearly two years.

"They used this room as a garbage disposal," Ramsey said of her property.

But Ramsey says they still paid their rent each month and were frequently seen at the home. She also found financial documents from several banks scattered throughout the home.

"It has names, social security number, it has birth dates," she says of the documents.

The filth, clutter and animal waste were not limited to one room.  It's all over, almost every square inch of this 4,200-square-foot, six bedroom, three bath home.  The smell is horrible.  As you walk through, it's difficult to breathe and your eyes burn.

"It's just making me really, really nauseous and I'm angry," property owner Penny Ramsey said.

Outside she also found a partially buried horse, way too close to her water well. And if the filth isn't disgusting enough, she says what she found in the deep freeze is disturbing.

"Dead dogs - dead dogs in the house, in the freezer.  In clear packages you could see all the way through," Ramsey said.

Ramsey and her family are left with a nauseating mess to clean up and just a weird feeling that's hard to describe.

"This is wrong," she said.

She isn't sure if the house will ever be the same, or if she will ever get over the disbelief.

The renter told deputies the horses out back weren't hers. The Creek County Sheriff's Office is forwarding the case to the D.A.'s office to consider charges of animal cruelty and improperly burying an animal against her.

The sheriff's office says damage to a rental home is a contract violation between the renter and landlord and is considered a civil, rather than a criminal issue.