Chris Howell

PRYOR---Students from Rogers and Mayes County High Schools gathered at Northeast Technology Center's Pryor Campus for a ‘Reality Check' yesterday and today.

‘What we want the students to realize is that it's expensive to live,' said Northeast Technology Center Specialist Vickie Venable, ‘before they come they choose a career, and we give them an estimated net income of what they will have every month.'

The students also receive a checkbook and a random marital status.

‘I have a child apparently, so you have to pay for child care,' said Kasie Baumert, who's finding her dream-job as a television anchorwoman has a very limiting income level, ‘car, car insurance, housing, furniture…I have to get a phone here in a minute.'

After the students have visited the mock community of 22 booths staffed with local business people many are re-thinking adulthood altogether.

The goal is to provide students with insights into adult responsibilities, help them manage their money better and help them with career choices.

For more information on this program contact Vickie Venabe ay 918-825-5555