By Craig Day, The News On 6

CHELSEA, OK -- Drinking and driving accidents kill more than 1,300 teenage drivers nationwide each year. A special demonstration at Chelsea High School is getting the message about the dangers across to teens in a unique way.

On Tuesday, it wasn't your ordinary driver's education lesson, but it was a lesson about an all too common problem -- teen drinking and driving. The juniors at Chelsea High School took some time outside of the classroom to learn about impaired driving.

"We are not supposed to die as children," said David Turner, Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau brought a go kart and some goggles to demonstrate the dangers of drinking and driving, instead of a lecture.

"We want to teach this on a fun level, because kids seem to respond really well to enjoyment," said Turner.

The goggles impair their driving to .2-plus.

"It will give them a magnified, double vision," said Turner.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau takes the goggles and go kart to schools across the state, giving the lesson to 10,000 kids each year.

"I will not drink and drive ever. I hope my friends take this into consideration too," said Kattie Prewitt, a Chelsea student.

Although it's fun for the teen drivers, there is a serious message -- a lesson, its hoped, will sink in amongst the teenagers.

"One dead teenager is entirely too many," said Turner.

Saving lives by putting students behind the wheel of a go kart, before they make a poor decision to drink and get behind the wheel out on the open road, is the mission.

"You know, just be good. Do the right thing," said Yeng Chang, a Chelsea student.

The demonstration will take place at three more schools this week.

"If we can just stop one child, every dime we spend, every hour we spend working with them, will be worth it," said Turner.

Usually Oklahoma Farm Bureau is booked up a year in advance.