By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

LOCUST GROVE, OK -- Two Mayes County teenagers have their 8-year-old brother to thank for saving their lives.

It happened after an accident in January on an icy road near Locust Grove. The young boys reluctantly call their brother a hero.

The Fogleman brothers have quite the story to tell about the mid-winter drive to school. 

Cian, 8, was in the back seat, older brother Christian was riding shotgun, and 17-year-old Trey was behind the wheel.

"I can't believe I went into a tree and crashed," said Trey Fogleman.

The boys came around a curve on January 5th, a frigid day and the road was covered with patches of ice. Trey lost control, the SUV spun around and then slammed into a tree.

"Oh it was a violent crash, without a doubt," said Sheriff Frank Cantey, Mayes County.

The mangled vehicle was on its side, wrapped around the tree. Trey and Christian were pinned inside, but Cian, who had been riding with only one shoe on, was able to climb out of the window. His other shoe fell off, yet he was still determined to find help.

"Thinking about my brothers being all hurt because I kept hearing my brothers screaming," said Cian Fogleman.

When Cian climbed out of the SUV, his first step was to walk to a house about 100 yards away, but there was no one home. So Cian had to keep walking to the next house beyond that one, through the snow and ice in the woods. Remember, all he had on was a pair of socks.

"It was like the water; it was like cold water," said Cian.

About a half-mile later, Cian stumbled up to a home and sheriff's deputies, including the boy's father, were on their way. 

Cian's soft-spoken brothers are thankful for Cian's determination, but don't want him to get a big head.

"He is a hero, but he is just still our little brother," said Trey.

Dan Bewley, The News On 6: Do you feel like a hero?

Cian Fogleman: Not very much, not that much.

All three of the boys are doing very well after the accident.

Trey suffered a broken collarbone and concussion, while Christian suffered more serious injuries and had to spend a month in the hospital.

But Cian never got frostbite on his feet and he said he feels fine.