By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said they did everything they could in the Aja Johnson case. Some tipsters said they were not taken seriously when they told investigators to check out the area where Aja's and Lester Hobbs' bodies were found Monday.

The white Toyota Paseo the public has been asked to keep an eye out for during the last two months was easily spotted by SkyNEWS 9 HD in a heavily wooded area near Lake Thunderbird. OSBI said they never flew over the location because there were never clear cut leads to cause them to do so.

"We have to have a lead to go to a specific area. We can't just fly all over Oklahoma. We did fly over parts of Geronimo, and we flew over the Stroud area," said OSBI Spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

Family members of Lester Hobbs said they suggested the OSBI search in the area where the car and the bodies were ultimately found. Hobbs once lived nearby and his parents are buried in a cemetery just up the road.

Bobie Ford said he used to be friends with Lester Hobbs, and claimed he also tried to get OSBI to search the location.

"What was his tip? So it was a hunch? A gut feeling? We need leads we need they've been spotted somewhere because we're getting hundreds of those, we just saw them here. We have to run with what's most immediate," Brown said in response to the allegations.

Brown said she shouldn't have to defend the OSBI and thinks any public criticism is misdirected.

"We had our people working 18 hour days continuously seven days a week through ice storms. We should be getting accolades for doing as much as we did. We are heartbroken it turned out this way. What we should be focused on is Lester Hobbs. He's the one who perpetrated the crimes," Brown said.

Norman Police assisted OSBI on the case and said they patrolled the area at least three times after receiving tips that Hobbs may return, but they never found anything.