By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

MUSKOGEE, OK -- Covering campaign 2010, it's time for Muskogee voters to make a choice for mayor. The incumbent and three challengers want the office.

The last election got a lot of attention when Muskogee picked a 19-year-old college student for mayor. Tyler Hammons is now 21, and running for a second term.

It's been a busy 2 years in the mayor's office for incumbent Tyler Hammons. Hammons wants a second term and believes his age has helped him bring new ideas to city government.

But Hammons' age and record in office helped inspire three competitors for the job -- a businessman, county employee and community volunteer.

Bob Coburn says he's running to bring business experience to city hall.

Challenger Teresa Garris says as the only retired person in the race, she's the only one able to devote full time to the mayor's office.

Chris James, like the others, had good things to say about the current mayor, but believes he could do more to build tourism and get city leaders moving in the same direction.

The mayor's job in Muskogee is a volunteer position, and most of the city's executive work is handled by a city manager. The position does carry influence on the city council, but it's not a strong mayor form of government. 

The election is Tuesday.