By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- One person who wouldn't miss opening night is the Drillers' Super Fan, Guy Vincent. Vincent goes to almost as many road games as he goes to home games, and he makes all of those. He says wore out a new Volvo.

"Wore it out running up and down the Texas Highways traveling after the Drillers," Guy Vincent said.

In 2007, the Drillers created the Season Ticket Holder of the Year award, and Guy Vincent was the first winner.

"The Drillers to me are the essence of what minor league baseball is all about," he said.

The players are young and enthusiastic. The players want to be here because it represents the next step up the ladder to their dream of a major league career. And Vincent loves watching them learn.

"It's not a job; it's my avocation," Vincent said.

It's something he does because he loves the game. His walls are lined with baseballs, autographed T-shirts, jerseys and bats. He says he's not the fan who hangs out at the bus asking for autographs. Most of his are gifts from players because he's like a family member. He's there win or lose.

"I was there on the night after they struck out three times - pattin' them on the back," said Guy Vincent, Drillers Super Fan.

Many of the milestones these things represent, happened out on the road in some far off stadium and Guy Vincent might have been the only Driller fan in the place that night, to see it.

"Is that a super fan?" he asks.

Most would say yes, but why baseball?

"Can I give you the answer my father gave me, and I believe from the bottom of my heart. There's no clock. You play baseball until the game is over."

The man's in love.